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Thermal Imaging Conference 2017 Sponsor – Building Performance Workshop

SAN ANTONIO – May 16, 2017 – PRLog — United Infrared, Inc. has announced that home performance expert Corbett Lunsford of the Building Performance Network will sponsor the Thermal Imaging Conference as a Table Sponsor. The 2017 event will be held in San Antonio, Texas Oct 1 – 4, 2017 at the historic Menger Hotel located steps from The Alamo. Host is infrared industry leader United Infrared.

The Building Performance Workshop created the #TinyLab and Proof Is Possible US Tour, produced the 2018 TV show Home Diagnosis, and publishes the book Home Performance Diagnostics. Founder Corbett Lunsford’s mission is simple: to package measured home performance so it can be easily understood and used by professionals and consumers alike, for better buildings worldwide.

In 2016 United Infrared was host to the Proof Is Possible US Tour in San Diego, California at the Thermal Imaging Conference. The #tinylab arrived and was available for tours. Corbett Lunsford says about the tour, “Most of our clients feel lost and frustrated when confronted with problems in their homes. They turn to old-fashioned contractors who give them conflicting opinions based in a myopic view of the house- most HVAC pros only focus on the air conditioner, most roofers recommend a roof fix, plumbers only talk about plumbing. Well, there’s a new type of contractor out there who can rescue us from opinions. We need to seek out the companies who rely on diagnostics, so we can know exactly what the source of any problem is and exactly how to solve it without flushing lots of money and years of time down the toilet. Our TV show Home Diagnosis will show Americans exactly how to really take ownership of their homes- where they spend the most time and the most money. The days of disastrous home improvements and brand new ‘money pits’ are over.”

The Building Performance Workshop website is

National and international networking is a huge boon to thermographers who provide infrared services around the world. The fields of expertise of the thermographers in the United Infrared Network include several areas in the building sciences: electric, such as switch gear and panels, data centers, roofing, block walls, moisture intrusion into buildings, energy (building efficiency).

The Thermal Imaging Conference is a worldwide gathering of thermographers, and is sponsored and hosted by United Infrared, the largest network of certified and properly trained thermal imagers in the world. The Conference promises to be the premier event in the infrared industry, and will doubtlessly offer huge opportunities for networking and building friendships. Website for the Conference is

United Infrared, Inc.,, is the world’s largest network of Certified and properly trained thermographers. United Infrared (UI) provides training specific to a market niche, such as the thermal imaging of flat roofs and block walls, moisture intrusion, energy efficiency (heat loss), electrical and data centers.

With a network of members literally reaching around the world, United Infrared encourages them to take advantage of ‘Distance Learning’, which is available through United Infrared.

United Infrared Services Inc., a nationwide provider of thermal imaging services, is well-known for its professional infrared thermographic services and has the largest network of certified infrared thermographers in the world. RoofScanIR™ is a service provided by UIS that uses thermographers, highly trained in infrared roof scanning, to detect and document moisture in roofing systems. Other market niches include BlockWallScanIR, ElectricIR, MoistureFindIR, EnergyScanIR and DataCentIR.

Registration information, including possible discounts or bonuses, can be found on the conference website (above) or by calling the office of United Infrared at 888-722-6447.